The 6 Types of Hackers

Did you know that not all hackers are the same? There are 6 different types, mostly categorized by their intentions.

Ethical, criminal or care-free. Hackers can be categorized six different ways based on these types and their purpose for hacking.

Black Hat
Black Hat hackers, sometimes known as Crackers, are the commonly-known malicious ones. They’re generally very tech savvy and know exactly what they’re doing — breaking the law, and trying to cause damage. They’re on the offensive trying to cause problems for others.

Gray Hat
Gray Hat hackers play both offense and defense. While they may be breaking the law, there are times where they can be helpful and may not be in trouble for their actions. A great example is Th3J35t3r (The Jester), who is known to take down terrorist websites. Since he often helps the government, they turn the other cheek and may consider him an asset.

A hactivist or hactivist group promotes a political agenda. They perform actions and take down high profile websites and break into important systems in order to get attention and prove a point. An example of a hactivist group is Anonymous.

Script Kiddies
Script Kiddies are hackers that are unskilled and don’t really know what they’re doing. Being called a script kiddie is often taken as an insult because they use other scripts, tools and software created by more skilled hackers.

Suicide Hackers
These are the care-free hackers. Similar to hactivists, they hack for a cause but really don’t care whether or not they go to jail or face other punishment. To them it’s worth it to raise awareness and get their own point across.

White Hat
White Hat hackers are also called ethical hackers. They have a company’s approval to perform penetration tests on their systems, network and employees. They can use techniques ranging from social engineering to port scanning and exploits in order to find and expose vulnerabilities so they can be fixed.

If you’re reading my content, you know I’m taking a course called Introduction to Ethical Hacking. What I’m learning falls under the White Hat category. I don’t want to break the law or intrude anywhere I’m not welcome. You’ll learn more about active and passive information gathering and the phases of a penetration test in future lessons. For not, just know you should NOT attempt to hack without permission otherwise you may face serious legal consequences.

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