Learn IT With Me

Learn IT with Adam SnetikerWelcome to 360 Security Lessons! If you are looking to learn IT with somebody at the same level, you’re in the right place. I hope you are here because you really want to learn. That’s why I started this blog, but first let me introduce myself.

My name is Adam Snetiker.

I am a Computer Engineering student at Moorpark College and I started this website to document what I’m learning. I want to share this information because there is high demand for skilled professionals in many fields of IT. While I am still learning, I believe I can help myself and others effectively. I also hope to obtain industry certifications and help others find success in the technology industry. I’ve also heard that the best way to learn IT or any other subject is to teach somebody else.

I am a former web developer looking for meaningful work and I have always been curious about how things work. Most of all, I am in awe of the tools that allow people to communicate all over the world. As a result of this technological development, many more people have a chance to communicate.

Given the state of affairs in the United States and around the world, I have become especially interested in computer forensics and cyber security. To get into this field, I know I will need to learn IT basics including networking and system administration in order to understand how computers function before they can be secured or investigated. There are many opportunities available in the field, so I started this website to give others an opportunity to learn IT along with me and explore their own interests.

Learn IT Lessons

Choose a category to view the lessons in each subject area. Here are some things to can expect to learn:

Networking: Networking basics, reference models, technology, protocols, and administration.

System Administration: Managing a computer system using Windows 10, Windows 2012 Server and Linux.

Security: How to define security, best practices for implementing security at each level, recognizing attacks, and incident response.

Computer Forensics: Tools, techniques and legal aspects of investigating computer crimes and properly handling evidence as a computer forensics expert.